a week at the movies. a review of our social blockbuster #allmediamovieweek

“A spirited and evocative seven days as all. push visual engagement with a cinematic edge to the world. 5 stars”

7 days at the movies

April has been a bumper month for the movie industry, with the release of new teaser trailers for Spectre, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman vs Superman, as well as the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, ultimately marking the beginning of the summer movie season. With this in mind we saw a great opportunity to build our social output around movies and, after banding around a few ideas, we launched #allmediaMovieWeek.

Social networks are a fast moving medium and it is essential to remain current, relevant and engaging. We felt that by creating a week long campaign that would capitalise on the popularity of the movie industry during a time where interest is at it’s peak, we could produce refreshing content that would engage users.

Adding a personal touch

#allmediaMovieWeek was our first social campaign since our rebrand and we were keen to use it as a platform to put across our new team. It was decided that a foundation of the movie theme would be that each team member would put forward their favourite film, with a reasoning as to why they love the movie so much. They would be produced as image content that would carry the all. branding and colours, which would increase the promotion of us as a brand throughout the campaign.

By creating visual content for the movie choices we could demonstrate the personalities of each team member and ultimately add a much more human element to the content which users could relate to. When we produce social content we are always keen to create an approachability. By allowing users to relate to the content you can establish more of an emotional connection where they will walk away remembering what they’ve watched or read, and they will associate that with your brand as a result. Movies are something that people can become very attached to emotionally, so we recognised the potential for a movie-based campaign. By intentionally adding posts involving older movies we could introduce a nostalgic element to the campaign which people would enjoy.

To support our daily#allmediaMovieWeek picks by our team members, we sourced movie themed articles, clips and designs from around the web to create a stream of interesting and engaging content that carried the overall theme of the campaign. We were keen to keep these relevant and in-keeping with our usual social output. It’s important to establish a unique voice for yourself on social networks and keeping tone and language relatively consistent can help to put this voice across. Creativity remained at the core of the campaign, as this is the overarching theme of any social content that we produce, while humour was often added to soften the content and make it more entertaining for users.


The results

The entire campaign was designed to raise awareness on our brand and our personalities as a team. The campaign was never designed to be a direct selling tool. It’s very easy to alienate and put off users by constantly bombarding them with sales through social media. Social networks are a very personal animal, and users will treat them very much as a recreational tool. Therefore we preferred to create an entertaining campaign that would engage users through compelling content.The results of this were evident through retweets, favourites and replies on Tweets and posts that we received from users.

By demonstrating our creativity through the social content we could indirectly promote ourselves as a creative brand and we received a number of referrals to our company website from our Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the week as a result.

This is often the key to interacting with your audience through social media, keeping it less direct can create an organic engagement where the user will decide for themselves to become involved with your brand through shared interests. For business, user research can be key in this respect. If you have a target audience in mind, analytics can be used to define their key interests and any social content can then be based around these interests. This will mean that they are more likely to see, and therefore interact with the content.

As an agency we can offer social strategy, consultancy, content production and analytics reporting for your business. If you’re interested in expanding your social audience and having a more direct contact influence over potential customers, please get in touch or use our project planner.


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