introducing allmedia social feeds

allmedia Social Feeds provides a quick and easy way to integrate your business’ social accounts onto your website.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new social media platform; allmedia Social Feeds.

Our groundbreaking new social platform makes integrating your social media accounts onto your website even easier. You can then manage all accounts displayed on your website from one convenient location using our platform.

We’ve developed allmedia Social Feeds so that it offers a fast and easy installation into your existing website. Once added to your site, content can then be displayed from multiple accounts across numerous social networks. We also realise that your audience uses a wide range of browsers and devices to view your website and we’ve built our platform to tackle this head on. allmedia Social Feeds has been built to work across all of the latest browsers, meaning that none of your audience will miss out on your content.

It’s proven that websites where content is rarely updated become stale and often drive users away. Whereas new, fresher, content added on a regular basis means users are more likely to come back as they feel that there’s a worthwhile reason to return. Embedding your social content onto your website allows a relatively hassle-free way to keep new content streaming to your website on a regular basis. Every time you update your social accounts the content will pull through to the website, limiting the need to add new content to the website first hand.

Visit the allmedia Social Feeds microsite to learn more about the platform.

Key Features.

For Users:
Social content automatically syncs with your website to display your latest posts.
Manage the social media accounts displayed on your website.
Sign into multiple accounts from multiple social networks.
Easily add or remove accounts.
 Custom styles to match your website design.

For Developers:
 A unified API to access content from all social networks.
 No application tokens or OAuth to worry about.
 jQuery and Angular.js ready.

Why should you use social media on your website?

There are currently 2.206 billion active social media users, that’s around two thirds of all internet users around the world.

Each day ½ million new users join Facebook’s existing 1 billion registered users and 304 million regular users on Twitter alone. Globally, the average user will spend almost 2.5 hours per day on social media, meaning that it is becoming a key element in any business’s marketing strategy.

Every opportunity you have to increase your visibility and encourage customer engagement is valuable to your business. Social media offers a one on one conversation channel with your customers in a much more informal setting.

By highlighting these channels on your website you can promote your active customer communications while creating a constant stream of new content on your website.

Increasing the relationship between your website and your social media accounts can also lead to more customers discovering your business through the social channels and ultimately increasing the traffic to your website, while giving you a more effective insight into the interests of your customers, meaning you can curate your content and communications to appeal to them more directly.

With social media being so prevalent in 2015 it’s essential that your business embraces the medium or risk being left behind. Users will often visit social sites before search engines so an increased social presence can vastly increase the number of new customers discovering your business. However, it’s not just a case of creating content for the sake of content, a well thought social strategy can be one of the most effective marketing assets at a brand’s disposal.

5 Top Tips for your social strategy.

1. Use visual or interesting content to encourage retweets. Users are not looking for something to read; they want something to share.
2. Respond to both positive and negative feedback, every engagement is worthwhile.
3. Use hashtags to join conversations that are relevant to your business.
4. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and engage with who they’d follow, they’re more likely to see you engaging with other brands they like.
5. Don’t overshare. With social media, simplicity is key.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie is the most retweeted Tweet of all time, with almost 3.5 million shares, demonstrating the value of visual content that makes users want to share it.

Innocent Drinks’ Twitter account is a great example of how a brand can gain a large following through interesting content and humour rather than promoting their products. The accounts primary focus is about marketing the company as a fun brand for users, encouraging shares in the process.

How can we help you with your social media strategy?

We recognise that social media is an infinite landscape of possibilities which can be a little daunting, but we’re here to help. By capitalising on the real-time marketing solution offered by social media, we can create engaging branded social content to distribute over owned channels. Find out how we can aid your business make the most out of your social media feeds and work with you to develop an effective social marketing strategy.

Learn more and Register for allmedia Social Feeds

If you’re interested in learning more about allmedia Social Feeds and getting it integrated into your existing website, please visit the allmedia Social Feeds microsite or get in touch today.

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