chris mcguire music

Chris McGuire Music

Chris McGuire is an enthusiastic young composer and musician from the North East of England who needed a new brand and effective web presence to showcase his talent to a wider market. Despite specialising in a classical style of music Chris was keen to have a modern feel for his material.

Following initial discussions we created the “CMG Music” roundel. By using a roundel we could reference looks from some twentieth century musical greats, creating suggestions of Mod bands. Additionally, the shape makes the brand perfect for merchandising, which was heavily considered throughout the design process. The abstract piano keys that sit at the top of the roundel encapsulate Chris’ style of music, while creating suggestions of electronic music waves, giving a more modern aesthetic. The style of text creates a contrast with this, creating a perfect representation of a modern classical musician.

We were careful not to choose colours that might cheapen the brand, and wanted to be sure the brand could work on a range of backgrounds for marketing purposes. The two tones chosen perfectly contrasted each other to further suggest the classical style with a modern twist, meaning that they maintained the contemporary look that we were keen to keep throughout the site.

For the website, we created a slick one page design that would ensure that all of the content is immediately at hand. Although it was kept as one page, the brand colours and large hero images were used to break up each particular section visually. Video and SoundCloud integration was made a priority in order for Chris to showcase his compositions and sell his skills, this was considered throughout and fully integrated into the CMS for the client to use. By showcasing social media links we could also help to drive traffic to those pages from the website.

Using WordPress as a content management platform we created a solution that was easy to use and that ensured that every section of the website was fully editable and customisable by Chris.

What the client said

"It looks brilliant and I'm really looking forward to using it!"

- Chris McGuire